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The European Union is conducting a 2.65m project to investigate the nutritional value of eating insects. See the article in The Telegraph.

UN food advisor says let them eat insects. See the article in The Telegraph.

Insects could be the key to meeting food needs of growing global population.
See the article at guardian.co.uk.

Insect snacks to undergo EU saftey tests.
See the article at guardian.co.uk.

Heifer International On-line Article "Extra Crunch for Lunch"
by Sarah Schmidt

Gusanos de Maguey, Eating Insects Mexican Style, John Gaudet

Eating Many Varieites of Insects in Puebla, Mexico, John Gaudet

This web site is being designed and implemented by many persons who have indicated a great desire to mitigate world hunger by promoting the sustainable use of insects as food for humans and other animals. European, and peoples of European extraction, disdain insects as a valuable source of quality proteins with high nutritional values in favor of long-term unsustainable consumption of high-conversion-rate meat production. For example, approximately 1.5 kilograms of food for insects will yield 1.0 kilogram of insect proteins for human consumption. The conversion rate for production of meat from other animals is two or more times larger and yields higher quantities of waste products, including green-house gases.

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