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David George Gordon
The Food Insects Newsletter Associate Editor
Author, The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook
P.O. Box 25400
Seattle, WA 98165

Cricket Parantha:
creative Vancouverites incorporate insects into contemporary Indian cuisine
Author: David George Gordon

Daniella Martin - Girl Meets Bug - Video preparing and eating deep fried scorpion
WTOP Local News - Bugs: Food of the Future Has Multiple Legs

Recipes for Insect Quesadilla, Fortified Brownies, Fritters, Land Shrimp Cocktail
Dr. Florence Vaccarello Dunkel

Insect Quesadilla Recipe (pdf file download) Fortified Brownies (pdf file download) Thick Fritter Batter Recipe (pdf file download) Special Notes on Fritters Recipes (pdf file download) Land Shrimp Cocktail (pdf file download)
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